Your Winning Chance If You Place a Bet in Players’ Hand in Baccarat

In baccarat game you should choose between the banker and the player to be placed your bet on. Many bettors say that the most beneficial thing is only betting on the banker side. But in fact, you have 50:50 percentages for banker and player. Here are the facts of your winning chance if you place a bet in players’ hand in baccarat.

Your Winning Chance If You Place a Bet in Players’ Hand in Baccarat

  • Similar to the Banker

Basically, placing a bet on banker or player is just the same, especially if you consider place on the “tie” bet is not a good option. So the percentages are 50:50 between banker and player. Most of the pro bettors say to bet only on banker, but actually there is some disadvantage if you bet on banker.

You should pay certain commission to the casino if your bet on banker wins. It is approximately five percent of every win. So, you will not get the full pay out if you bet on banker. You should pay the house edge plus the commission. Let’s say that the actual payout for betting on banker hand is 0.90:1 instead of actual 1:1.

  • Player Hand Have Better Profit Prospect

Winning chances aside, player hand brings better profit looking to its pay off ratio alone. Unlike the rigged banker payoff, player’s payoff is actual 1:1 without any interference from the casino. Even though the house edge is higher, your pay back will be bigger than betting on banker, especially on the long run in the end. Plus, player hand is easier to watch especially when the third card has to be drawn. Player cards finished faster and the third card rules are easier to remember.

  • The Downside

Sadly, winning solely on betting on player hand doesn’t mean it is easy victory. In fact, player hand has worse luck than banker hand. They’re slower to finish and the third card is reliant depending on player hand result, but that itself is not a weakness.  Since banker is dealt last, they usually have bigger cards which will end up with better sum. This is why experienced bettors tend to choose for banker. It’s not like you will make profit of it if you don’t win, right?

  • How to Balance the Advantage of Both Hands to Get the Best Profit?

Both sides have their advantage and disadvantages. However, it is possible to get the good side of both. Since banker have higher winning rate, always start with betting on banker. Later on, if the banker loses, switch to player hand instead. Baccarat have the tendency to get heavy only to one side. Keep yourself with the same choice until it lose, then switch. It’s that easy, and like that you will minimize loss and keep your win money as much as possible.

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You definitely can increase your winning chance if you place a bet in players’ hand in baccarat. The same chance for both banker and player will make your bankroll grow bigger. You just need certain strategy and to be careful in playing in player’s hand. Happy betting!

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