What is the Meaning of Scatter Symbol in Online Slot?

Online-slot player must know the scatter symbols well. Scatter symbols appear among another symbol in slot game. They are easy to see because usually the word scatter is below the picture. But what is the meaning of scatter symbol in online slot exactly?

What is the Meaning of Scatter Symbol in Online Slot?

  • What is Scatter Symbol?

Player can find scatter symbol through a slot game. It is commonly found in five-reel slot machine game, but not in three-reel slot. Scatter symbol has distinctive pictures but still in the same theme with the machine theme. For example, if the machine theme is summer, then scatter symbols’ picture will also be in the summer theme. They are easily found since the word “scatter” is under the picture and capitalized.

Scatter symbol originally is a cherry picture. So, if the player still finds cherry pictures in some slot games, they mean as scatter symbol. This cherry picture can give the player benefit since it can give money bonus. For example, the player can get one cherry picture and other same pictures, this combination will give the player certain amount of money plus bonus from the cherry.

  • Where Scatter Symbol can be Found?

Player can find this scatter symbol mostly in paid machine. There are some packs of scatter symbol which player can buy. For example, if the player buys a pack of five scatter symbols, it will appear in five spins. Sometimes, player also can find scatter symbol in free machine. But, it is usually just a symbol without any link to the bonuses or mini games.

  • How Does Scatter Symbol Works?

Scatter symbol usually leads to bonuses or mini games if player can get certain number of it in one-time spin. The rules are different among online-casinos like Onlineslotqq101.com Slot Machine Games, Free Slot Betting Website. Sometimes, if the scatter symbol appears two or three picture in one frame, it will lead to bonus such as additional money. Other rules, if the scatter symbol appears three or four pictures in one frame and in a row, it will lead to the free spin or mini games.

Player can try to look for the slot game that has stacking bonuses features. It means that if you get a series of scatter symbols, you can keep the bonuses to be used later.

Scatter symbol also can multiply the total winning, not only the winning line. Basically, scatter symbol can appear everywhere. It does not necessarily appear in winning line. So, a player can still win a lot with the appearance of one scatter symbol only.

  • Check the Pay Table First

It is a good start to check the pay table for winning list of scatter symbol. Since, every slot-game has different rules, it’s better to check the reward. So, the player can predict the amount of reward he will get if scatter symbol appears and how many scatter symbol the player needs to win certain reward.

It is always a benefit to get a scatter symbol although the bonus is not big. The more scatter symbol you get, the more bonus and reward you get. More winning is the main meaning of scatter symbol in online slot. What are you waiting for? Now that you know what is the meaning of scatter symbol in online slot, let’s play a slot game.

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