Sports: Should school athletes have to be on the honour roll to play in games?

Schooling is the most important procedure for any man to shape his abilities into a refined formation. The school is the basic foundation where a man learns to discover his latent talents and gradually forwards to configure them accordingly in order to nourish his skills. Academic has always been the major area of concern in any school. But, over the years, ‘Athletic Training’ has also grabbed the attention of the school authorities for its undeniable utility and convincing benefits.

Sports: Should school athletes have to be on the honour roll to play in games?

It includes varying spheres of interests encompassing vital sporting fields like competitive jumping, running, walking and throwing. Racing tracks and gaming fields have been the hotspots for performing any kind of athletic activity and what takes pride in declaring that schools and other higher educational institutions are gladly welcoming ‘Sports’ as another very crucial discipline in the co-curriculum.

An ‘Honour Roll’ is a letter of admiration that triggers the competitive spirit of a high school candidate. It is a certificate of honour that is distributed among the deserving heads who have successfully authenticated their remarkable performances and first-rate merits. It is a testimonial of recognition that evaluates one’s aptitude through the system of gradation marking the student’s conduct all through the entire academic year. Hence, the very approach is tremendously cut-throat and extensively competitive.

The recent talk of the day debates on whether the school athletes should have gained honor roll in order to stay connected with games of any sort. Beyond any questionable incertitude, an athlete is judged of his capabilities more than the accumulation of a few marks that he scored in his high school days. Obviously, it is more like an added cherry on the cake if he happens to be the holder of satisfactory grades so that he would never have to worry about it.

But what if he doesn’t? What if his grades certainly do not complement his athletic skills at per? Wouldn’t he be ever acknowledged for the potential and credible set of abilities that he has projected in the gaming field time and again? Would his skills remain unrecognized? Let us find it out jotting down the points of the hard boiled debate regarding our today’s discussion that is eventuating across the globe.

The students must have been extremely moved on being appraised for getting good grades and yet still be blessed enough to be an active part of sports. This, however, would be unjust for the ones whose participation in sports have been obstructed for failing to obtain good marks followed by obtaining the letter of appreciation (The Honour Roll).

And now, what about the formation of a skillful team? How if the major population of the team is incapable of being on the honor roll? These questions, in fact, are cluttering the authoritative bodies of the educational centers from every end.

Michael Jerome Oher, the footballer from America and also known to be an unpleasant tackle from Carolina Panthers, would have never been awarded such acclamations and awards of acknowledgment, had he have to depend on his high school degree and honor roll certification. According to recent roughly constructed statistics, almost a population of below 50% actually make through the gradation procedure well in order to be on the honor roll.

Now if a player’s sporting career depends entirely on his capability of bagging good grades, then how the world could be blessed with extraordinarily talented sportspersons? Again, the fact cannot be overlooked from the point of discussion that there are indeed an ample number of students who got admitted in colleges only because of being extremely good at sports. Now, what about them?

Schools are proud seats of learning that prefer to broadcast their line-up of athletes who could brighten up their banners. But is it something really wise to label a player unqualified in his field of competence if he does not come up with a few good scores? The debate shall continue.

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