Russian athletes not making to Olympics hampers chances for getting more golds

The international association of athletics federation (IAAF) has banned the Russian athletes from Rio 2016 as it upholds the suspension that most of the athletes are suspected of taking drugs. Accusations are made of doping on many Russian athletes and a country which bagged so many golds in Olympics earlier is on the verge of not making into the Olympics this time.

Russian athletes not making to Olympics hampers chances for getting more golds

Some guardians requested to look into it whether if an individual athlete should be given individual justice ad many Russians who haven’t tested positive for a banned drug are expected to participate in international competitions. Committee concluded that if there is any individual athlete who has proved an astounding encouragement to fight against drugs should also be able to apply for any tournament.

Athlete who have clean record can make it to the international competitions. If these are individual athlete who can readily show that they aren’t taking any banned drug can apply to international competitions but not under the country’s fall instead as neutral athletes. Even the head of Russian Olympic committee took a stand for athletes writing to the international Olympic committee (IOC) for allowing those individuals who are tested negative if doping and who try to participate and win games over their hard work , motivation and dedication and not by taking performance enhancing drugs.

In a meeting it was announced by the president that although good progress has been made but RUSAF has not met the reinstatement conditions and unfortunately this is the first recommendation why Russian athletes are not given a liability to return in international competition without weakening the confidence of fellow competitors. The worst part is that for doping it led to RUSAF being suspended in the first place. Second recommendation is that while Russian athletes remain adjourned, no other Russian athlete can take part in international tournaments.

The comeback of Russian athletes into this Olympics will only depend on the report of Accusations of widespread doping. Even the president of IOC said that he has zero tolerance for doping in any of the games. And athletes using doping as a method to win over others should actually be punished so that they couldn’t even think of doing such act in future. Announcing the penalties that Russia could face might take a bit long for world anti -doping agency.

Russian athletics team is already hanged from international competitions by IAAF after the reports claimed about state sponsored doping. The decision of not recalling RUSAF shows a green signal that Russian athletes remains ineligible for Rio 2016. Even the chairperson of IAAF said that if Russian athletes actually want to return back in the competition then RUSAF has to show zero tolerance towards doping amongst all the Russian athletes.

A country who has given so much to the Olympics by its dedicated participation is now accused of doping and IAAF is now expected to decide till next month whether the Russian team can compete in Rio or not . After the Accusations, Russia is facing many problems regarding its athletes used performance enhancing drugs at Sochi Olympics. And even the government officials helped them by shoeing a false report of anti-doping samples.

Investigations are made and reports will be announced before Rio Olympics. Bach’s conference came a day later when IOC announced that at least 31 athletes could be banned from Rio 2016 after testing their samples again from Beijing. Samples from London are also in the queue and reports will be announced within a week. After WADA found corroboration of state involved doping the Russian track team is already suspended form international tournament and no statements can be passed very confirmatory until the samples aren’t tested again.

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