Right Thing to Do If You Feels the Sports Match Is A Fixed Game

Anyone knows what is the right thing to do if you feels the sports match is a fixed game? The exciting point about betting is the predicting part. It reveals how sharp the analysis or how lucky a person is. In 2014, bookies like QQ188asia.com The leading sportsbook online website and Asia top best bookies and sport fans are forced to accept the truth that some games are fixed. Isn’t this a big turn down for the fair play spirit?

Right Thing to Do If You Feels the Sports Match Is A Fixed Game

What Is Fixed Game?

The definition of this term will give you a chill down to your spine. A fixed game means that the players and coaches from both teams are under the control of one person. The bad guy is called match fixer and he has full control of the game. He could tell the coach to let some players in and drag the others out. The match fixer could even determine when the players should make goals.

The system runs by the match fixer is so smooth at the surface, until you sense something is off. You have to be a real fan to detect this kind of fraud. With the strength some favorable teams owns, there is no way the players would sacrifice their years of practice.

What to Do?

  1. Consider An Evaluator

The pattern of match fixer is so smooth that most times, many parties are fail to see the errors. Just take a look at the news, interviewing a match fixer who have done the operations for years! To stop this unfair system, there should be an official evaluator. His job is to double check and ensure the standard regulation runs as it is. Some cities like Bristol has applied this system.

Sadly, the habit of giving protection after getting hurt is now as natural as breathing the air. It means, they are seeing the importance of regulation and procedures after they become the victim of match fixer. If the stakeholders put them into the top urgency lists, it would have been better.

  1. Re-analyze The Data

No matter how smooth the match fixer does his job, those who keep the record book could actually tell which match is fixed. Start to analyze the record book at least three to four previous seasons. Apply the proprietary algorithm to find the appropriateness of the matches. It works to find out any aberrations in the pattern. This step also includes several considerations such as the team injury, drop outs and even the players relationship.

Who in the world could perform such analysis? They would be the professional bettors. The formula itself is designed by the sports coaches, managers as well as the professional players.

All sports teams are expected to play fair, so a fixed game is not something right to do. The match fixer controls the game; when to let a player in and out, even when to score goals. In this case, no strategic or mathematics formula will crack what is inside the match fixer mind. Do the right thing to do if you feels the sports match is a fixed game, earlier if possible.

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