Narain Karthikeyan

The influence of sports in India is been really huge and vibrant for years. A lot of sports aficionado have been seen and witnessed who have taken India totally to a next level. Isn’t it?

Narain Karthikeyan

In today’s scenario, people from every walk of life are into some kind of sports activity or the other, highly influenced by the sports legends of India. In fact, sports has gained its very own significance and has now become an integral part of the nation.

Racing a.k.a Motorsport is a much esteemed sports category in India and when we talk about racing, the first name that pops up in our minds is invariably Narain Karthikeyan. He is perhaps the most eminent racer to be witnessed, who holds a huge and astonishing record of his achievements.

Karthikeyan’s fascination towards motorsport began at a very early age, and he was greatly associated with the former racing champion late S. Karivardhan Naidu.His father was the former champion of Indian National Rally winning South India Rally for over seven times. His interest towards racing gave him new heights and he is quite an achiever. He is also known as India’s fastest driver which is indeed a great salutation for any sports buff.

A sign of true legend is arbitrated by the kind of performances he gives. Narain Karthikeyan isIndia’s first formula one racer to have competed in world class and has certainly made the nation gratified and honored. Determination and passion were all needed for the legend to create a new history for the upcoming racers.

He has previously competed in A1GP, and the Le Mans Series. In his early age of fifteen, he has positioned finalist in the Pilote Elf Formula Renault Cars. He is also the first Indian and the second Asian to be on the winning grade of Formula 3 Championships. If this is not a mark of genius, what else could be?

With his gaining popularity and triumphs, he has retained the hopes of the nation with his flair and attainments. He has also made his debut in the British Formula championship with Carlin Motorsport team. He has won Formula Maruti in India in the year 1993 bringing yet another proud moment for the nation. In the year 1994, he secured first place in Mc Dowell 1000 at Madras British Formula Ford Winter Series Champion.

Following, in the year 2000, he became the champion at Korea Grand Prix. He has been faced and challenged with a number of opponents and it has just given the legend, the right boost, and determination to get victory his way. Rivalries have just been a stepping stone for him to succeed and live and carry out his dreams. His spirit towards racing should be a much appreciated one for he has set a different level, for generation of racers to come.

The enthusiast has proven himself to be the best who has swept NASCAR’s most popular driver contest for the Camping World Truck Series.Furthermore, in the year 2004, he won both the races in Valencia, Spain the 8th round of World Series by Nissan.He also won the Brands Hatch race twice adding on to his achievements. He can definitely be considered as one of the prominent sports personality that India has, as he has gained immense pride and glory to the country

 India’s best athletes were awarded by Padma Shri award and was also honored with the fourth highest civilian award that upholds his ambition for racing.A sheer genius and a great legend of India has set back a strong mark with all his accomplishments.

Over the years, the legend has achieved great reputation and exposure in motor racing, promoting the sport and leaving behind a great inspiration for the upcoming racers. He can be considered as the best example to have taken forward the sport and giving India proud moments.

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