Michael Schumacher

Michael Schumacher is a synonym that is widely used to signify a car perfectionist. Born in North Rhine Westphalia, this boy was surprising everyone since he was four years old. His passion for cars and speed was evident from the very fact that he crashed his father’s iconic kart smashing it into a lamp post. That was the day when Father Schumacher realised that his son has some potential and that can be used in the best possible way.

Michael Schumacher

Rest is all history. He being the youngest person to ever join the Karting club from his father doing a part time kart repairment work to support his passion for car racing. It is rightly said that the blacksmith only knows how to heat the silver to make it shine the best.  Schumacher surely received a lot of support from his family, friends and local businessman that helped him reach his pedestal of success.

As various ace racers noted, Schumacher drove cars with precision and versatility. He was known to change the game at crucial moments. He used to keep his fans hooked to the game with his game changing abilities. Widely regarded as the Rain King or the Rain Master, he was considered a specialist of racing in wet conditions. His control over the vehicle during wet races was phenomenal. The sensitivity and precision required to play a game of that level was well matched by this acer.

It is believed that Schumacher has won the most titles in the history of the sport. Marred with various controversies and bans, Schumacher have gone a long way to prove his worth to his haters as well as his admirers. He has participated in various Grand Prix and securing positions every now and then. He is the man who never let anyone affect his passion for the sport and that is very evident from his dedicated service to his game. The Red Baron with his Red Ferrari had surely won various hearts in his career.

People die to see Schumacher race in a game. His retirement was surely a huge setback for Germany, a country which dedicates the popularity of car racing in their country to Schumacher. Before Schumacher’s professional career as an ace racer, this game was considered fringe and meek by the Germans. After seeing the game of their home boy, the Germans graciously accepted this reality.

Its very imperative to accept things in the best possible manner and that is what these Germans have done. Following the footsteps of Schumacher, various German natives started showing interest in the game. In no time, the game had eminent players from Germany. It is believed that among the top ten rank holders in the game, three are Germans.

Only a legend can be begged to continue with the game in some way or the other. After his retirement in 2006, Ferrari asked him to assist their new Chief Executive Officer. He was appointed to choose future players of the game and check its tyres and vehicles. He then decided to return to the game and he drove in 2010 after his retirement.

Finishing sixth in the very first game of his comeback, a depressed Schumacher was appreciated by everyone for his love towards the game. Surely that day he must have felt as if he had won the game even after losing it. He was the true preacher of determination and dauntless efforts towards his game. From his very first kart ride in his suburb to all the infinite rides he have had, he has evolved as the legend everyone will remember till posterity.

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