Medicine in sports should be given for free of cost to the poor athletes

Medicine in sports or Sports medicine has emerged as a different field of health care since the twentieth century. The rise of medicine in sports or sports medicine can also be linked to the rise of sports worldwide. A player of any field or of any sport is naturally inclined to having injury at least once in his (understatement of the number of injuries) lifetime, and that led to the rise of more doctors/physicians/a general rise in sports medicine for the players.

Medicine in sports should be given for free of cost to the poor athletes

Medicine in sports should be given for free

In competitive sports one usually sees a lot of players from all over the world competing for that one position, to be in the limelight, we see competitors and athletes from all strata of the society be it rich or poor and sports knows no richness or poverty, it is completely about the talent the apparently “rich” person or the apparently “poor” person possesses. So, if the whole system of selecting best talent to represent one’s country or to play for one’s country is clearly unbiased then shouldn’t the medical expenses and medicines for the athletes who cannot afford them be free of cost?

Let’s refer to athletes who play at a much lower level, not national or international or even state level athletes, athletes who practice at a much lower level, who are talented and are trying their best to reach a higher level by improving their performance and brushing up their talent should also be provided with medical facilities.

The government funds a lot of school going athletes and athletes who are poor and cannot afford professional training, what one needs to see is that along with the professional trainers and coaches and all the professional equipments required for a person’s training, the medial facilities offered to the athlete is equally important. The poor athletes whose training and coaching is funded by the government also need proper internal care which includes proper medication if the player is injured and also otherwise.

Sports medicine is not just about treating an athlete’s injuries, it is also about a healthy lifestyle that is to be maintained by the athlete to excel in his sport and to perform to the best of his abilities. Now, the proper health care will come about by following some very basic steps like visiting the doctor every few months/weeks in order to be sure that there is no internal injury to the player if he is into a physical sport(like taekwondo, wrestling etc) which are very common these days, the player is also required to take proper supplements or vitamins and various multi vitamins that maybe required by his body, so it is very natural of one to demand free of cost sports medicine for the players because they simply cannot afford it and just because of this very reason we cannot afford to lose valuable players.

From the ancient times itself, it was believed that a person who is playing a sport which basically meant chariot races in the olden times was supposed to be fit both internally and externally and since then it has been believed that it is equally important for an athlete to be mentally fit and stable along with a good physical approach towards the sport. One usually sees doctors and physicians present on the playgrounds during any major event to immediately take an action in case of any injury and it is only natural for national and international players to make regular visits to the doctor. Free of cost medicine for the poor athletes can not be snubbed as a useless demand because it is the basic necessity for an athlete, and it is the duty of the government to provide the poor athletes with free of cost medicines alongside their training and coaching.

In concluding, it can be safely said that sports medicine is an absolute necessity in a world like ours where sports and sportspersons are encouraged to perform their best and providing free of cost sports medicine to the poor athletes will only help in the betterment of their performances and the world will be able to see better athletes.

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