Learn how to play basketball

Basketball is the sport played by five members in a team. The main aim of playing basketball is that ball wants to hit into the hoop. When ball enters into it then team scores the point. Team can score three points when ball is hit behind from the three point line, can be scored two points when it is hit behind from two point line. Points also can be scored by free throw. Ball can be handled in the way of passing, dribbling, shooting and rebouncing.it is the excellent game played and loved by all the people in the world. In this article you can gain information about basket game and its tricks and techniques to play it.

Learn how to play basketball

How to play basketball?

Basketball is the most entertainment, challenging game in the world. Here you can learn basic rules and techniques. The basic requirements are

  • Availability of ball is classified into four sizes. Getting ball and hoop and playing with that is enjoy full play.
  • In each team there should be five members
  • You can score the points by hitting the ball into the hoop.
  • Ball can be moved by drilling and passing the ball.

Technique of drilling and passing the ball:

This technique is the important process to move the ball and to reach the hoop. For doing this technique you should follow the below given methods and they are

  • Stand correctly and practice the ball in the way of bouncing
  • Bounce the ball with the help of your palm and keep another hand at back
  • For the beginners it is difficult to control the ball so that they can dribble the ball as low as possible.
  • It is advisable for the players to listen all around like opponents, hoop etc.
  • If you are ready in your position you can start dribbling so that you can focus on the ball continuously.
  • Learn to pass the ball for effective play. Pass can be classified as chest pass and bounce pass.
  • Chests pass – bring the ball onto your chest and pass the ball by pushing it with the help of your hands.
  • Bounce pass – this type of pass can be moved by walking and moving the ball to the neighbours.


Shooting is the important factor to score the point. There are many strategies to shoot the ball. Shooting the ball should be unique so that you will be best in playing basketball. The techniques of shooting the ball are

  • If you want to shoot the ball first keep your toes straight to the hoop. When you get ready you can stop dribbling, take the ball in your both hands and shoot the ball.
  • You need to balance the ball with the help of your dominant hand so that you can easily balance the ball with your fingertips. Touch the ball gently and shoot the ball into the hoop.
  • If your shooting position is ready, you can jump and roll the ball by raising your wrist.
  • Jump straight and aim for the lip of the rim
  • Practice layup every day for shooting the ball.

Playing against defense:

If you play against defense only you can maintain the game and can score the goal. The methods to play against defence are

  • You should the role of defense
  • Maintain the correct stance while playing
  • You should be alert and in your side to side movements.
  • Your feet should be as strong as possible
  • Avoid fouls and grab the bounce by your opponent.

Final words:

This is the sport enjoyed by all in the world. By these above technique you can learn to play and shine in the game of basketball.

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