Kabaddi a unique team sport game

Kabaddi a unique team sport game

Kabaddi is a not an individual game, it is a group or a game team. Kabaddi is entirely different game as compare to other sports and games. It is not an individual game as if in its one player can show his brilliancy, during the time when he faces the opponent group in their field or court. It is like something revenge to him. The player must show very lungs power, hand power, and stamina.

Kabaddi a unique team sport game

It is very important thing for a Kabaddi player. The raider or Kabaddi player must control his breathing. During the raiding, he speaks very loudly “Kabaddi…..Kabaddi”. His voice shall very loud in starting stage. He should continue these words without any breaks when he returns back his own court. Breathing control is very important in these stages when an individual player shows his brilliance during his raiding. The opposite teams also show their team spirit during when raider raiding their field. So the Kabaddi game is a special game in its nature.

Beginning of Kabaddi:

It is an Asian game. The origin of the game Kabaddi is from Tamilnadu, India. The word Kabaddi is derived from the word “Kai-pidi”. The Kabaddi game is related to Tamil game “sadu gudu”. It is the National game of Bangladesh. The Kabaddi is also referred in “Mahabharatha; in Mahabharatha Sri Krishna plays Kabaddi with his friends in his childhood. The Kabaddi is also a traditional game.

Kabaddi a unique team sport game
Kabaddi a unique team sport game

Kabaddi Team:

There are the two teams should play in a match. Each team includes seven members. There are at least three numbers of players should keep as default players. To avoid break up of the match due to sudden injuries or accidents of the players. In spite of team members, there is six official also have in a Kabaddi match. The six officials include two Amburs, one scorer and two assistant scorers and a referee. Fix match and tournament on the basis of age, weight.  Each player should have very body power stamina and breathing power. Control of breathing is very important in Kabaddi. They compete with each other to get the high score.

Rules Followed Kabaddi:

Kabaddi is a famous game in South Asian countries, as if it is also plays in other countries also. There are so many set rules followed by different places. So many Rules have followed in Kabaddi match. Some important rules explained below in briefly:

  • As per all other team games, it also starts with a coin toss.
  • The tournament fixes on the basis of weight and ages: for example, there are the teams of junior girls, junior boys, sub-junior boys, sub-junior girls, and tournament for men’s below 80 kg and women for below 70 kg.
  • Play area should be an open ground.
  • There have some measurements to fix for a play area.

There has a sitting block, it fixes from two-meter distance from the playing field.

There have four boundaries.

There is a midline.

The each part of midlines called court and there are also Raid, Successful Raid, Struggle, to reach court safely, to hold a raider, to put out an anti etc, etc ….

Types of Kabaddi:

Amar, Gamine, Surjeevini are the different types of Kabaddi. These games followed different rules.

How to Play Kabaddi:

Kabaddi is a team game including seven members of each team, they struggle against each other to win scores. At the beginning of the match, the player speaks loudly “Kabaddi…Kabaddi” and also continues these words without breakings and also he tried to touch the opponent members if he touches a member, his team gets one point. At the same time, the opposite team tries to out the rider. If they could out the raider the raider is out from the match. If the player escapes from the hands of opposites teams, they are all out from the game. So this team again gets two bonus points. Playing time is 40 minutes and five minutes breaks

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