Information about the 3 Picture Casino Games

Have you ever caught a glimpse of the 3 Picture in casino games? You probably have not known what it is. Thus, some information about the 3 Picture casino games may be beneficial for you. Check out the following piece of information.

Information about the 3 Picture Casino Games

Get to Know the Terms

One of the most important things before playing 3 Picture is knowing the rules and terms especially when you are going to play on an online casino betting website site The most trusted live casino website in Malaysia. The first term is picture cards. Picture cards refer to the jacks, queens, and kings. The second terms is round of play. It collects losing players and pays winning players. The third term is royal pictures side bet. It means one bet pays with combinations of multiple winning. The royal pictures win if the following combination of cards exist: three kings, three queens, three jacks, three pictures (consisting of three Picture cards, except for “Three Jacks”, “Three Queens” or “Three Kings”), any picture pair, any king (it consists of one King card and two non-picture cards; or one non picture card, one queen card and one king card; or one non picture card, one jack card, and one king card.

How to Play

After you got familiar with the terms, the next thing you need to know is the rules. The 3 Picture play begins when the dealer shouts out ‘olace your bets, please’. Then, the bets end when the dealer announces ‘no more bets’. The aim of the game is to get a higher ranking hand than the dealer’s hand. A bet on the tie and or royal pictures can be placed after the player places an initial bet. After all the bets are placed, the play is started from the dealer then continue clockwise. The dealer deal three cards face down to each playing area. After looking at their cards, each player return the cards up.

Then, the dealer will expose his hand. The dealer will declare whether the players win, lost, or tied. Each hand has three cards with the total point determined by adding the value of each individual card. Like the name, three picture cards is the highest ranking hand.

When you and the dealer have the same total point, those who have more picture cards win. If the dealer and you have three picture cards, that means the hand declared as a tie. If the dealer and your hand have the same total pojnt, they will pay the tie wager.


If the dealer deals with incorrect number of cards, there should be void in the round of play. This is hould be awared before the beginning of play of the next game.

No bet shall be placed or increased when the dealer announces no more bets. Therefore, any bet placed or increased will be ignored. Besides, you cannot withdraw any bet. If you withdraw the bet, the game results will decide whether you will won or lost.

Now what comes in your mind after knowing the information about the 3 Picture casino games? Isn’t it worth a try? You may start signing up on online casino which offer 3 Picture game and feel the sensation.

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