Great loss of football-Let’s shed a tear

Lionel Messi says he has retired from international football following Argentina’s penalty loss to Chile in the Copa America Final. It’s shocking, and it’s sad.

Lionel Messi is the greatest football players in the world.There are no offences and no arguments. Even though fans fight for their respective teams, Messi’s reputation stayed, for a long long time. We thought that he won’t quit from the international football team. But his words contradict!

He has so many opportunities to clear out this situation. But the decision of the greatest player was another. Unfortunately, beyond the words his retirement has started the waves of rumors and controversies. Being named FIFA world player of the year 5 times, he shouldn’t have lost the penalty kick. It’s sad indeed!

Our voice for Messi

Sunday night’s Copa America Final is the greatest loss in the life of Messi and it deeply affects the feeling of football fans too. He is facing many criticisms from his own supporters. He took many efforts to win in the final, but in vain. He really wanted to lead the Argentina team to win the Copa America Football. But success may not stick to a single team.

Argentina’s loss made the heartbroken Messi announce his retirements from international football. His decision to retire from international football is an impulsive call. It was more of a painful afterthought caused by the disappointment of losing yet another final.

Some history, some epics

His retirement from International football is a shock to his admirers but the fact is that his retirement hurts his opponents too. Playing with a strong opponent is an opportunity, it will sharpen you. Messi will be 30-year-old at the start of the next World Cup, and it is hard to imagine him not been there.

Argentina lost one of the best players they have ever had. He and the team brought them to three finals in a row but the fate made him miss the last game and his mistake on a penalty is never a matter to be shameful. He is the one who tried hard to win the major game title with his unmanaged national team. He missed the penalty which has unlimited pressure on it, only he can feel that. He always respects and supports him. No matter what.

We all expect to see him back in the team. We all wished that you reconsider your decision of retirement.

Decisions sometimes will create history

Fans and friends couldn’t believe this unexpected news. To make such a decision, Messi would have thought 1000 times again and again. There were so many ups and downs of Messi’s international career. The heartbroken player left his fans in tears on Sunday after missing a spot kick in the shootout. Messi had the divine touch, but that touch also may not help him always. In sports, even divine powers will step back at times. His commitment to playing for Argentina was so good.

Almost all social media platforms flooded with wishes of his fans. The messages and images supported him. Even though he is willing, fans desperately need him. It’s one of the most prestigious retirements of a player. No other player has made the football burn in pain; He created another history of the fan base!

Words of Messi

Messi announced that team is over for him. With a strong yet sympatric voice, he shared his feelings of pain. His final words made a lot of his fans burst out in tears. Argentina team has got great rewards in many games, but on the biggest stage, they have been left holding their heads.

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