Badminton is the all-time favorite sport of the millennium because of its chirpiness but none of us ever imagined a career in this game. The people who did and worked for it have achieved immeasurable heights. If one were to list the stars of the game, Lin Dan would securely be the first name to appear on the list. An ace Chinese professional badminton player, Lin Dan has various accolades attached to his name.


Some information about Badminton

He has left a prominent mark in Olympics and various other International games. He was so good with the racquet that he achieved the title of the Super Grand Slam, having won all nine major titles, Slam at a very young age of 28. A common thing about the legends that one can observe is that they were the ones to realize their passions at a very tender age. He started playing Badminton at the age of five and started his professional career in his early teenage years.

He has surely made his country proud of his success. His unconventional way of playing with the racquet, his demeanor, and his sharp reflexes have all worked as a pro for him. He will well know for his aces and his way of shooting the shuttle like a rocket. He has surely been the game winner in almost half a century of matches. He is surely the Super Dan of the Chinese and has superbly performed to justify this title.

Though he is the owner of a flamboyant personality, he is regarded by many as a bad boy. This title was given to him because of his strange ways after he wins his game. He has been seen throwing his shoes to the crowd after he won the Olympics final in 2008 and this was criticized by one and many as an act of arrogance and over confidence. He surely has faced various controversies and have dismissed them all and came out stronger. This all was regarded by one and many as the act of seeking attention.

Emerged as a great badminton player inspiring

Malaysia’s ace badminton player Lee Chong Wei who was regarded as the number one player in the game considered Lin Dan better than him. He felt Dan had a completely different and new style of playing the game which always worked for this super boy. His flamboyance is surely neglected and covered by his beautiful performance on the court. After all, that matters is his matter on the court!

His latest quest to secure a third consecutive win in Badminton men’s singles at the Rio Olympics this year. He is by far the only badminton player to retain the title in two consecutive Olympic Games. With various feathers already in his hat, he awaits the moment of his 2016 Olympic win with great anxiety. His most iconic moment was defeating world rank 1 Lee Chong Wei in the finals of the Olympics in 2012. 2008 Olympics were made special by the support of his home crowd as he steered through his final round. He surely is the pole star of the galaxy of Badminton.

His popularity in his sport earned him another title of the Rock Star of Badminton. He surely has gone a long way to prove his worth to the world. The best achievement one can ever receive is the gift of a compliment. His arch rival on the field Chong, considers Lin as the world best and what can be better can this?

Super Dan has so far managed his game beautifully.

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