About Keno

Play keno I-lotto with the above amazing casino site and stand a chance of getting a weekly basis cash rebate regardless of whether you win your bets or not. Keno is a Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office lottery game which is faster game at the online casinos. The game involves a number of daily draws. From the number of the draws which are drawn at the online casinos 20 numbers are supposed to be generated randomly from a range of numbers between 1 and 80 inclusively.

About Keno

About Keno

Gamblers can decide either to play the spot game or High and Low Game. To qualify playing this game, you should have attained an age of either 18 years or above. Gamblers can place their bets with a minimum wagered of P10 to a maximum of P1000 per play slip. The game is offered in some of the online casino sites found in Philippines and the game runs from Monday to Sunday every day as from 7.00 am and ends at 12 midnight and there are unlimited bonuses on a weekly basis for the participants regardless of whether they win their bets or not.

The game has a 103 draws in total every day. Players who wish not incur loss each and every bet they place at the casino are therefore supposed to join a gambling site that have such bonuses because at the end of the week they can still be rewarded a prize regardless of whether they win the games or not.

How to play keno

Players to win the games at keno are supposed to select the numbers which should resemble the number that have been drawn at the casino. When gamblers are playing high and Low game, they have two options to choose, that is high or Low. Players who chose High will win if at all 13 numbers are drawn from numbers 41 to 80. For those players who by chance choose Low, they can win the game if the 13 numbers drawn all are from numbers 1 to 40.

The prize which is being won in this casino game depends on the option chosen, that is, spot or High/Low. For every P 10 ticket gamblers can win P 10 if they choose to gamble on high or low. For those who choose spot game are supposed to be referred to a keno table which used to determine the payment the players can be paid for a ticket of P 10 when the players have won the game.

How to claim prizes won at keno

Players who win a prize which are below P5, 000 payments can be claimed at authorized keno outlet. Players who win a prize which are above P5, 000 payments can be claimed at any PCSO branch office. If at the end of the game exist more than 10 winning columns for a game in the 10-spot keno, then for payout of P10 million will have to be divided equally by the number of winning columns.

Also there are more than 10 winning columns for a game in 9-spot keno; a payout of P 4 million will have to be divided by number of winning columns. The share of the winning of each is directly proportional to the number of winning columns the player participated.

There is also a jackpot offered per game at the keno and the possible maximum jackpot amount is P 10 million and per draw the total winning limit is equivalent to P 75 million. P75 million the liability which is a theoretical computation which is usually equivalent to the expected maximum prize that is supposed to be paid out as regulated by PCSO.

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